Sustaining Partners

PAUSE is hosting the Sustainable Partners page on our website to be the "go to' resource to find socially responsible businesses, services and organizations who are mindful of their impact on this planet and are working to make this world a better place. Please patronize these companies when looking for goods, services and organizations. [Included are area restaurants which are styrofoam free.] (once we get some) Go to "Sign up to become a Sustainable Partner" link above for information on how to be listed.



Common Energy:

Common Energy provides 100% clean, low-cost electricity from solar farms in the Capital Region and across the State. You don't need a roof to go solar! Common Energy connects your utility account to a solar farm to save you money, protect the planet, and support the local economy without any installation at your home. We started in New York State and now we serve more solar farm subscribers in the State than any other organization. There's no investment or upfront payment, and it only takes 5 minutes to enroll. Join us today to make New York a cleaner, greener state. 

Tel: 844-899-9763
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm 




Green's is the 1st LEED Certified Appliance and Furniture Building in NYS 
LEED =" Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design"
We are locally owned and operated and have been in the appliance business for years. It's our business to know everything about the most popular and reliable manufacturers around. We have long standing relationships with the biggest manufacturers and know all of our products inside and out. The result? You get exceptional service for the life of your appliances.

Address: 1207 Central Ave, Albany, NY 12205
Phone: 518-458-7994



Sustainably Sourced from the First Drop

Water is not an unlimited resource. Commercial bottled water brands often follow a “use more, pay less” model which is not sustainable at a time when water is becoming much scarcer in many places.

We created JUST to upend that thinking. Ours is an impact model. When we sought out a source for our water, we didn’t stop at the question, How much is available? We also asked: Is the water source sustainable over time? How do we value the water fairly? What is the impact we’re having on the community through the process, from pump to carton?

And then we found the answers to those questions.

JUST is not purified tap water—an inefficient process that actually wastes water and energy.

JUST is flavorful spring water with naturally occurring mineral and PH content. It is pumped from a reliably plentiful source in the United States. Three-billion-gallons-a-year plentiful.

We don’t pump water and go. We only use 100% spring water. We only bottle excess water our community doesn’t need. We pay fairly for the water we use.

JUST is a group who came together to drive social and environmental impact through business. A business that rethinks how we source, deliver and consume the items we hold in our hands every day. A business that combines for-profit energy and non-profit motives with the goal of offering products with impact, affordably. JUST was created to be Better for Everyone®.

Phone: (855) 282-5878






PAUSE - People of Albany United for Safe Energy:

PAUSE is a grassroots group of individuals who have come together to promote safe, sustainable energy and fight for environmental justice. We engage the greater public to stop the fossil fuel industry’s assault on the people of Albany and our environment.


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Im looking for a bank in the area that has ethical practices to set up a small business account with. Any ideas? Thank you. :)
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This section of the PAUSE website is to highlight socially responsible businesses, services and organizations who are mindful of their impact on this planet and are working to make this world a better place. Please patronize these companies when looking for goods and services.

If you are a business or organization which wishes to be listed here, please contact Diana Wright and/or apply through the link above.
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