20-25 cars derailed at CSX Rail Yard

NEWS 10 ABC  |  October 22, 2014

SELKIRK, N.Y. – Officials confirm 20-25 cars have derailed at the CSX Rail Yard in Selkirk.

Chief Bill Asprion said the cause of the derailment is unknown, but the incident was a domino effect. He called the situation a “headache” because the rainy weather would make it hard for crews to clear the tracks.

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No injuries were reported.

Asprion said bulldozer-type machines were coming to the scene to clear the tracks, and the derailment has affected travel within CSX.

Officials said nothing leaked from the derailed cars and CSX would be handling the case.

Asprion said some cars came close to propane tanks but there is no sense of danger, and the scene is safe.

“We've surveyed the scene,” he said. “There's a couple cars in there with some hazardous material on it. They have not been impacted in any way, shape or form from any of the other cars that are derailed. Most of the cars that are derailed are empty.”

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So, you lost 25 cars off the tracks?
And you don’t know how this happened?
But you can guarantee all of us we are safe and this will never happen again?
Can you say anything other than “yup?”
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