UPDATE: HOW TO LET GO OF THE WORLD AND LOVE ALL THE THINGS CLIMATE CAN’T CHANGE producer Deia Scholsberg was arrested for filming a climate change protest yesterday in North Dakota.

She has been held over 24 hours with no charges and will spend her second night in jail.

PLEASE SHARE this Reuters article about Deia’s arrest.  Documentary Filmmaker arrested at Canada – U.S. Pipeline Protest

And please consider contributing to the legal fund. Donate here. 

Yesterday 5 activists across the country shut down all the tar sands pipelines that transport oil from Canada into the United States. Their action was in support of the call for International Days of Prayer and Action for Standing Rock.

The science on climate change is telling us we must stop burning fossil fuels, especially carbon intensive sources like tar sands oil, but our government continues to support forms of extreme energy extraction like fracking for oil and gas, tar sands development and offshore drilling.

The activists called on President Obama “to use emergency powers to keep the pipelines closed and mobilize for the extraordinary shift away from fossil fuels now required to avert catastrophe.”

Deia was arrested for filming the protest in Wahallah, ND where an activist shut down TransCanada’s Keystone Pipeline.

Arrest of journalists, filmmakers and others witnessing and reporting on citizen protests against fossil fuel infrastructure amid climate change is part of a worrisome, growing pattern. Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now, was arrested last month for covering Native American-led protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The actress Shailene Woodley was arrested and jailed this week while leaving a protest at a construction site for the DAP. She was singled out, she was told by police, because she was well known and has 40,000 people watching her facebook page.

"Journalism is not a crime; it is a responsibility," said filmmaker Josh Fox about this pattern of arrests. "The actions of the North Dakota Police force are not just a violation of the climate, but a violation of the constitution."

Support democracy and a free press. Share Deia’s story.

Lots of gratitude and love,
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