Alb. Co. Exec. responds to Port of Albany train derailment

WTEN | May 13, 2014 | Column by Joshua Rultenberg

ALBANY, N.Y. -- A crude oil train derailment at the Port of Albany is adding fuel to the fire for concerned residents and local officials who have been very vocal that more needs to be done to protect residents.

The state is also weighing in after Monday's derailment. The New York State Department of Transportation says it's fining Canadian Pacific Railroad for waiting almost five hours to report that four cars derailed.

A spokesman for Canadian Pacific says at approximately 4:30 am four cars went slightly off the tracks as they were slowly being moved inside the Kenwood Rail Yard. 

Even though the incident was not reported to the DOT until close to five hours later, the company acknowledges there was a disconnect in a statement to NEWS10 ABC. In the statement, they say the incident “Was quickly identified by railroad officials and has already been addressed internally to ensure appropriate reporting procedures are now followed.'

Luckily, no oil spilled, but residents near the Port of Albany say this makes them even more uneasy.

Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy was joined by his colleagues at the Ezra Prentice residences. He said it was unacceptable for CPR to not report the derailment.

McCoy said he is immediately proposing legislation to seek criminal charges against any company that doesn’t properly report an incident or spill of hazardous materials.

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