Albany Event Targeting Sen. Amedore


Hi Everyone:
I just wanted to let everyone know that several members of NY Renews (not NY Renews itself) did a successful event last Wednesday targeting Sen. George Amedore for his failure to sign onto the Climate and Community Protection Act and his donations from fossil fuel companies. About 20 attended in a week packed with other events.
The event sponsors were Citizen Action of New York, the Sierra Club, PAUSE (People of Albany United for Safe Energy) and the Bernie Sanders Network.
Our letter to Amedore and a photo of the event are attached; it would be great of you shared info. as to this event on Twitter! (See below one of my tweets on this event, for ideas on what you can tweet out:)

Residents of Capital District at leg building in to tell Sen. Amedore to take action on

Thanks, Bob

 Bernie Sanders Network ● Citizen Action of New York

PAUSE (People United for Safe Energy) ● Sierra Club


October 25, 2016


Hand Delivered


Hon. Senator George A. Amedore, Jr.

802 Legislative Office Building

New York State Senate, Senate District 46

Albany, NY 12247


Dear Senator Amedore:


On behalf of our organizations and their members and supporters who live in your district, we urgently request that you endorse the New York State Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA), landmark state legislation to address climate change, protect front-line communities, strengthen workers’ rights, ensure good-paying jobs in the new energy economy, and invest in new renewable energy resources.We also urge you to show your commitment to moving away from a fossil fuel economy by pledging to no longer accept campaign contributions from companies and other entities with significant connections to the fossil fuel industry.

It is beyond dispute that climate change is among the greatest threats to our future. Severe weather events—including droughts, forest fires in the West, and rising oceans—severely impact communities in our state and elsewhere. Scientists warn that these events are likely to become more severe if we do not act decisively. As a major industrial state, New York must play a major part in the solution.

We therefore urge you to sponsor the CCPA (A.10342, Englebright/S.8005, Savino) when it is introduced in 2017. It passed the Assembly, and a majority of senators cosponsored it last session. Briefly, CCPA will:


  • require 100% clean and renewable energy by 2050;

  • ensure accountability and a timely transition to a new, renewable energy future as well as increased energy efficiency;

  • protect, strengthen, and improve the quality of life for New York State’s front-line communities and communities subject to environmental devastation; and

  • allow workers employed in the new green energy economy to be paid a living wage and enjoy expanded rights.


As you would have learned had you attended a town hall on climate change held in Albany on October 17 attended by over 100 local residents that you were invited to, there is massive support for action to address this issue in our region and in your district. We therefore urge you to sponsor this bill and to signal your commitment by not seeking campaign support from entities connected with this industry.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you on this legislation at any time. If you wish to discuss this matter further, please contact Bob Cohen, Citizen Action of New York, at [email protected] or (518) 465-4600 x104.


Very truly yours,

Bob Cohen, Esq.

On behalf of the Bernie Sanders Network, Citizen Action of New York, PAUSE, and the Sierra Club

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PAUSE, People of Albany United for Safe Energy
PAUSE is a grassroots group of individuals who have come together to promote safe, sustainable energy and fight for environmental justice. We engage the greater public to stop the fossil fuel industry’s assault on the people of Albany and our environment.