Catastrophe Lac Mégantic 06/07/13

Personal video of the fires immediately post-explosion in downtown Lac-Mégantic

Video by Adrien Aubert

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The pictures, the story, and David’s comment brings tears to my eyes.
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Tonight, in preparation of our vigil, I go through the names and images of the people who died that night – I am overcome by a deep sadness… fathers, mothers, children, daughters, brothers, sisters, birthday celebrators, friends back home, musicians, artists, therapists, students, waitresses, daycare managers, partners, wives, husbands… 47 deaths too many. It is a moral obligation of any and all people who fit any of these titles to make certain an event like this never happens again.

A 13-year old son should never have to be called to identify the charred remains of his mother. Never.
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