Coalition calls for a deadline on crude oil questions

Capital New York | April 22, 2014 | Column by Scott Waldman

ALBANY—A coalition of environmental groups, concerned citizens and elected officials is asking the state to force a fuel transportation company to answer a series of questions about its operation by May 3.

The groups, including Earth Justice, the Sierra Club, local lawmakers and a tenants' association representing a public housing project near a storage area for crude-oil cars, are calling for a deadline for Global Companies to respond to questions from the state.

In March, the state Department of Environmental Conservation sent a list of 29 questions to Global that the Massachusetts-based company must answer before its air permits are approved.

The state wants Global to answer basic questions about its liability insurance, the origination of the crude it wants to transport by rail, as well as its capability to handle accidents and fires. All of the company's earlier permits, including those to store and ship Bakken crude from North Dakota, are also under a full review.

The coalition's proposed deadline would allow those groups to submit responses before the end of the public comment period on June 2. The groups are also asking the state to measure the throughput of oil that Global is bringing through Albany, since the company has been fined by the state of Oregon for bringing in more than it was allowed.

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