Crews Respond to Train Derailment

WLOS | July 25, 2014 | Staff Report

New information in the Ethanol Train Derailment in Spartanburg.

News 13's Victoria Dunkle just got word that CSX Railroad had to modify its plan to clear the derailed cars.
It originally was going to load them onto flatbed trucks, but determined it couldn't bring them close enough to the scene.
Now it will clear out trees then roll in four cranes to put the buffer car and one of the derailed ethanol cars back onto the track.
It plans to put the two overturned ethanol cars onto new sets of rail wheels.
CSX will wheel them to a siding down the line.
From there it will determine if the cars can continue on or if they will need to be offloaded.
The Fire Chief said CSX is looking at 5:00 for a finish time today.

Emergency crews now have a plan in place to deal with a train derailment in Spartanburg.

A CSX train hauling ethanol came off the tracks near Brawley Street.
Fire Chief Marion Blackwell says an engine, a hopper, and three cars carrying ethanol derailed. At least two of those cars are overturned and resting on their top.

Hazmat crews are monitoring the situation, but Chief Blackwell says none of the cars are leaking. A team from CSX is investigating, to determine how the crash happened.

The remaining 90 ethanol cars have been removed from the area of the accident, to make room for crews to work. The CSX incident team will bring in heavy equipment to upright the overturned cars and put them on flatbed trucks.

Ethanol is a highly-flammable gas, so crews are being very cautious and Chief Blackwell tells us they do have a plan if a leak were to happen during the operation. We're told it will take several hours.

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Crews Respond to Train Derailment
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