Cuomo should act to stop oil train tragedy

Daily Gazette | March 30, 2015 | LTE by Pete Looker

Attention, Gov. Cuomo. It’s pretty clear to most people that we have to, and are, shifting to a world that lives within its energy income (clean, safe, affordable solar, wind, water and conservation), rather than leveling mountains and poisoning land, water and air for short-term greed of the coal, oil and gas corporations.

Seventy years ago, Edison compared burning fossil fuels to a tenant farmer burning his fences to keep warm.

Stephen Williams’ March 21 column highlights the danger of those extremely explosive black tankers rolling across our country, through our towns, at 40 times the rate of five years ago, just so a few oil corporations can get richer selling it to other countries. I see hundreds a day through my window, knowing we and our local schools are within the one-mile blast zone from which our emergency responders can only try to evacuate people.

A courageous governor would stand up for us against big oil, using Summary Abatement powers, (as Mario Cuomo did to stop unsafe oil barges) and immediately halt these bomb trains.

If not, Larry Mann, author of Federal Rail Safety Act, predicts: “It may not happen today or tomorrow, but one day a town or city is going to be wiped out.” May this be our last April 1 Fossil Fool’s Day as we become solar wise.



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Thank you Pete! The risk of allowing this to continue is insanity.
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Cuomo should act to stop oil train tragedy
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