Dangerously close – Oil by rail risks

Al Jazeera America | May 13, 2015 | Reports by Ali Velshi and Mary Snow

Ali Velshi investigates the speeding Amtrak train, which crashed just yards from tankers used to carry explosive cargo

The Amtrak derailment in North Philadelphia just highlights the real safety concerns that too many critics out there have about America's rail infrastructure. According to the Department of Transportation, Pennsylvania's bridges are ranked worst in the country in terms of structural integrity - with 23% of them considered deficient. Many of those bridges have rails that carry oil trains. US railways now transport nearly ten percent of America's crude oil output, or around 800,000 barrels per day; that's a 1700 percent increase in just the last four years. And all that extra traffic just increases the likelihood of rail accidents.

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What’s the big secret? It would take a pretty dumb terrorist not to figure out that a rifle could pierce one of the hundreds of cars traveling through Philly (or Albany) thereby setting off armageddon for everyone in that city. Plenty of opportunity, too, with hundreds of tanker cars coming through each day. Crude by rail delivers 5% of our daily US oil consumption. Just stop it, leave it in the ground and let the planet breath.
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Dangerously close – Oil by rail risks
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