Energy giants hold us hostage

Times Union | June 7, 2015 | LTE by Betty Head

I agree with Joseph Murray’s statement in his letter “Energy transport critics offer no alternatives,” May 24, that “the country and the world are looking for affordable alternative energy.” He states the switch to alternatives simply cannot satisfy this nation’s current or future energy needs because the costs are prohibitive.

I contend we must switch to renewables. Common sense tells us to stop the escalating buildup of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. We are now at 400.57 parts per million, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. That is well past the highly recommended threshold of 350 parts per million.

If we continue in our fossil fuel folly, we could easily pass the point where we can reverse and, instead, move into climate chaos and the unraveling of civil systems that make society workable and safe.

New satellite imaging techniques are informing anthropologists’ opinions that climate change could have been a significant player in the collapse of some civilizations of long ago.

Yet, a great number of today’s lawmakers are purchased and beholden to the fossil fuel corporations, passing tax breaks and subsidies that favor the wealthy and powerful over the interests of Main Street and environmental sanity. Elected officials are cowed as the energy giants hold us all hostage to their game plan.

Shall we, then, as a nation, go the way of others before us? Dr. Jason Ur of Harvard University comments: “When we excavate the remains of past civilizations, we rarely find any evidence they made any attempts to adapt in the face of a changing climate. I view this inflexibility as the real reason for collapse.”

Betty Head

Member, PAUSE (People of Albany United for Safe Energy)


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Here's a June LTE to the TU from PAUSE's Betty Head: "Energy giants hold us hostage"
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Here's a June LTE to the TU from PAUSE's Betty Head: "Energy giants hold us hostage"
PAUSE, People of Albany United for Safe Energy
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