Local group remembering those who were killed in deadly train accident one year ago

WRGB | July 6, 2014 | Staff Report

ALBANY -- One year ago Sunday, a horrific train de-railment took the lives of 47 people in Lac Megantic, Quebec. On July 6th last year, a runaway oil train slid down and hill and exploded. Since then, many countries and companies have banned those type of rail cars that were involved in the accident, including Global Industries in Albany. One local group is remembering those who were lost.

"So we want to honor those people who died a horrific death the 47 people who died almost instantaneously when the train exploded up there," says Sandy Steubing, spokesperson for the group PAUSE.   

PAUSE, which stands for People of Albany United for Safe Energy, is the one holding a vigil Sunday. They are pushing for a moratorium banning shipments of crude oil that pass through the region every day, about 200 rail cars of it. Right now, they have County Executive Dan McCoy's support, but they're looking for more.

"Clean energy all together. We have the technology and the economics now to switch to renewable sources of energy we didn't even 10 years ago," says Steubing. 

The group PAUSE tells us that 25% of the Bakken Oil from South Dakota, which is highly explosive is transported through Albany. They say what happened in Quebec could easily happen here in the Capital Region.

"Each of those rail cars believe it or not is filled with the energy equivalent of 2 million sticks of dynamite. It doesn't take much to pierce these very fragile DOT 1-11's that they're being shipped in. Once one goes, one just doesn't go, which would be horrific enough in itself. If a shrapnel from one pierces another, then you've got this hell on wheels that Lac Meganitc experienced," says Stuebing.

In the meantime, this group will continue to fight and remember those lost. They tell us the first step is educating the public about what's inside these trains. Sunday's vigil will be happening at 7:30 Sunday night, at the Ezra Prentice basketball courts in South Albany. 


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PAUSE, People of Albany United for Safe Energy
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