Pilgrim proposes new pipeline to New York Harbor

Pipelines International | April 10, 2014 | Editorial Board

Pilgrim Pipeline Holdings is proposing a 276.8 km crude oil pipeline to run southbound from Albany, New York, to New York Harbor, helping to relieve supply congestion of refined products along the Hudson River.

The company told Pipelines International that it has land agents that have begun to make inquiries related to the pipeline’s route in New York and New Jersey, which will help the company determine the optimal route for the pipeline. The route will follow established transportation and utility corridors, and as a common carrier it will serve all shippers and receivers who tender their crude oil and/or refined products to be shipped.

The crude oil tendered to the pipeline will be pipeline quality crude oil that is shipped into Albany by unit train. The pipeline will not replace the crude oil by train arriving on the east coast, but will replace the region’s current reliance on barging, with preliminary estimates that the pipeline would replace approximately 1,000 barge trips per year.

Pilgrim will also have a refined product line running northbound from New York Harbor to Albany.

Petersen Engineering, Inc. has been contracted to undertake the preliminary engineering work, with the tender for the construction of the pipeline to be released at the appropriate time. The diameter and other configurations of the system are still being finalised.

Pipeline transportation will increase reliability by removing issues associated with river traffic as a disrupting influence, and is an environmentally sound alternative to the region’s current reliance on river barges for the delivery of oil and refined products.The region remains one of the only major population areas in the country not served by a direct pipeline connection for delivery of refined products from refining centers to consumers, including gasoline and home heating oil. Currently, refined products move along the Hudson River via barge, and crude oil in turn is transported from Albany to New York harbor by barge.
More detail on the project is available on Pilgrim Pipeline Holding’s website.
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