Riverkeeper Sues Over Crude Oil Expansion In Albany

Wigwam | June 19, 2014 | Staff Report

From the Riverkeeper newsletter:

When it comes to protecting the environment and the public from the risks of crude oil transport along the Hudson, we mean business. That’s whyRiverkeeper, along with four other environmental and community organizations, filed suit against the New York Department of Environmental Conservation June 9. Riverkeeper and Waterkeeper Alliance, represented by Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic, and our co-petitioners, represented by Earthjustice, are seeking to ensure a full environmental review of Global Companies‘ proposed expansion of crude oil operations in Albany, which would enable the vessel loading and transport of heavy, “tar sands” crude, which sinks and would be nearly impossible to recover if spilled into the Hudson. The DEC must meet its legal obligations and require a full study of the impacts—including the risk of a catastrophic spill.


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This has been a long time coming and I’m glad the DEC is finally being sued for not doing its job in protecting both the public and the environment.
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