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In 2012 there were virtually no shipments of oil by rail through the Port of Albany.  Now there are millions of gallons of highly flammable oil being transported on hundreds of rail cars each day.  Derailed rail cars have exploded and will do so again.  Spills have increased exponentially.  A tanker's hull carrying oil on the Hudson has been pierced.  

PAUSE came together on Jan 10, 2014 over public safety and environmental concerns regarding these shipments.  Renewable sources of energy are an option to toxic fossil fuels.  We welcome you to add your voice to the growing chorus opposing the production and distribution of hazardous crude oil.  Climate change will not wait unless we take action.

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crude from the Tar Sands in Canada, the dirtiest oil in the world, producing less net energy than ordinary crude and emitting far more greenhouse pollution. This fac
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Gov Cuomo’s DEC may issue a permit this Thursday to Global Partners for a facility to heat heavy crude from the Tar Sands in Canada, the dirtiest oil in the world, producing less net energy than ordinary crude and emitting far more greenhouse pollution. This facility would use multiple boilers to heat rail cars full of “heavy crude oil” to allow it to flow enough to be pumped to barges on the Hudson. The only heavy crude in sight is from the infamous Alberta Tar Sands, which Global has not denied. Reports say that a DEC could announce a decision to permit the project this Thursday. http://bit.ly/1KZrcEy

Tar sands crude, AKA dilbit, sinks in water and would pollute the Hudson indefinitely if it spills. The 2010 Kalamazoo River spill cost over $1.2 Billion. Top climate scientist James Hansen has said that development of the huge Tar Sands reserves would be “game over for the climate”. As greenhouse gases increase, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and severe, like the record California drought, firestorms in the southwestern USA, hurricanes and superstorms flooding cities as energy and moisture in the atmosphere increases. The western USA is on track to become a permanent Dust Bowl in the next few decades. The northeast could face superstorms like Sandy every year later this century.

We don’t need ANY new fossil fuel development – we can meet all our energy needs by efficient design and a mix of abundant renewable sources plus reliable energy storage. Clean energy systems could create millions of living wage US jobs. The Jacobson study showed how NY State could thrive on 100% renewable energy by 2030 if we make the effort.

Call Cuomo 518-474-8390 (#3 to get a live person, #2 to record)
Some talking points:
Reject the Global Heating permit and insist on a full environmental review
No Tar Sands in NY – letting it in would be a catastrophic precedent
It would destroy the good will he won by stopping fracking,
and inspire outrage nationally and internationally
Protect Our River: consider the cost and trouble of PCB cleanup
Don’t impose more hazards on the hard-hit South End community
No more Fossil Fuel development, especially the dirtiest sources
Clean energy is ready – all new energy projects should be
renewables, storage and efficiency.
Then you can also tell other officials to call the Governor and speak out against the Global Heating permit

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan: 434-5100
Albany County Exec. Dan McCoy: 447-7040
Assembly Member Phil Steck: 455-5931
Assembly Member John T. McDonald: 455-4474
Assembly Member Pat Fahy: 455-4178
Senator Neil Breslin: 455-2225
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We are planning to be part of the Food and Water Watch 48 hours of Action for Clean Safe Energy on May 16-18. Our action will be May 18th around lunch time so come join us and learn how fracking is still impacting our lives in NY by way of new pipelines through towns and wetlands connecting Albany to New Jersey. The gas and oil industry will stop at nothing to get every drop or fossil fuel out of the ground. That will be climate catastrophe. They must be stopped and We have to stop them. Join Us.
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This is a wonderful group which is doing so much to draw attention to the dangers of fracking in all it’s forms. And they don’t just talk about what’s wrong, they advocate aggressively for renewable energy and what each of us can do to reduce our carbon footprint
PAUSE, People of Albany United for Safe Energy
PAUSE is a grassroots group of individuals who have come together to promote safe, sustainable energy and fight for environmental justice. We engage the greater public to stop the fossil fuel industry’s assault on the people of Albany and our environment.