This Solar-Powered Backpack Charges Devices On The Go

True Activist | March 29, 2015 | Post by Amanda Froelich

Just when you though technology couldn't get any cooler, this solar-powered backpack allows you to keep tech devices charged off-grid.

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We are now living in an age where previously imagined technologies are no longer bound to fiction stories or sci-movies, but are able to be designed and shared with consumers all over the world. From flying cars to face-time talking, technology has made some incredible leaps in bounds the past few decades.

But with all these cool technological devices, how is one supposed to keep up with the world when they have to worry about charging them on the go? And what about the negative environmental impact from high-tech modern living that has not yet been sorted?

These worthwhile questions have at least a temporary solution, and one that is supremely cool.

Project Solaire has designed a backpack that incorporates a solar panel into the fabric to keep devices charged wherever you go. As summarized by Ecouterre, it’s a pretty neat way of capturing solar energy in a way that is easy, accessible, and highly useful.

Embedded within a simple backpack, the rugged designs are perfect for festival goers or hikers to use when they are far from a power point – or if they just really want to reduce their carbon footprint. In fact, the geniuses behind the concept are big festival goers themselves, and were inspired to create this project when their own devices died in the middle of a concert.

“We figured there has to be a solution,” says Deme MaRie of the brand.

Designed for everyday use, the bags are made from canvas and leather, and include a series of useful pockets and sleeves. The only thing that could make them better is if they were to be crafted from sustainable materials. Their objective is the solar concept, though, and to reduce environmental impact while being able to charge devices by the sun.

The true innovation comes from the inclusion of a removable, water resistant 7-watt dual solar panel. This dual solar panel offers the option to capture twice the amount of solar energy and can charge two USB compatible electronic devices at the same time. Within 10 minutes, a cell phone will be charged up to 30%. That’s pretty neat, right?

Rightly so, “People are blown away when they see the bag,” says Deme. “When they learn that it’s free charging everywhere there’s sun, and you can store the energy for later, they love it.” Deme states that the team want people to be more aware of the benefits of clean energy, and that solar is a promising resource.

“Be empowered by solars,” promotes their crowdfunding campaign site. There the team is seeking resources to get their project off the ground to begin production, and then expand their collection and build a creative solar firm that works on solar solutions.

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This Solar-Powered Backpack Charges Devices On The Go
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