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New York Now | May 8, 2014 | Post by Matt Ryan

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How concerned are you about the possibility of an oil train disaster?

Very concerned: 59%
Somewhat concerned: 25%
Not very concerned: 16%

Your comments on a possible oil train disaster:

Somewhat concerned. I do believe a derailment is a matter that we should plan for in a very proactive way. Both current operating guidelines and general odds do tend to trend against an oil train disaster so I don't believe such a situation is imminent. However, I see no problem in doing everything possible now to mitigate against such a disaster in the future. I would like to see local fire departments receive additional training and up to date equipment so that they may fight such disasters in the best way possible. -William D., Yonkers

Exceedingly concerned. This is a disaster waiting to happen, and we can all be sure, it will happen. -Anonymous

Very concerned. These cars were made to carry corn syrup, and now they carry explosives. When they explode, they vaporize people instantly. They are 40 times more prevalent than they were 3 years ago. Who wouldn't be concerned? -Susan W., Albany

I am very concerned. A serious disaster is imminent. Federal investigation is immediately called for to prevent this insidious situation in our Capital City. -Dorothy R., Colonie

Not very concerned. What are the risks of not using North American oil? -Anonymous

VERY concerned. I was amazed to see a seemingly endless line of these tanker cars on my way to work last week. I didn't know what they were until I saw a news story the next night. I was horrified to think what kind of accident could and probably will happen at some point. These tracks are very close to homes in the area and I doubt small town fire departments are equipped to handle a major disaster. -Susan P., Webster

Very concerned. We all should…I don’t know why the 'biggies' are dragging their feet, just build the pipe line... -Steve L.,  Charlotteville

Not very concerned. This is more overblown fear from the "no fossil fuels extremists."–Mike, Lockwood

Very concerned. More private and state money for rail road infrastructure and new crash resistant oil cars needs to be spent. -Tom R., Hagaman

Very concerned. Oil trains travel right along the western shore of Lake Champlain and directly through Plattsburgh New York. It's a disaster just waiting to happen… -David C., Plattsburgh

Somewhat concerned. These accidents are a result of an unholy alliance between oil interests and the Obama administration. The oil interests for high prices and the Obama administration, by thwarting efficient oil delivery via the Keystone pipeline. The administration would rather promote bird killing wind turbines and crony infested solar power. -Art N., Staatsburg

I'm concerned about the possibility of any train disaster... just recently, we had an F train derailment here in New York City! Many people were severely injured...and, let's not forget the Metro-North tragedy! We have to do everything we can to ensure public safety! -Bryan B., Bronx

Very concerned. Derailments have always been regarded as just another cost of doing business for railroads. Combine lax government oversight, explosive bitumen, and the public's wishful thinking that "it can't happen here," and you have a recipe for disaster. It is only a matter of time until we experience our own Lake Megantic tragedy in New York State. -Paul L., Mechanicville

Very concerned. Tanker cars passing thru urban areas is inherently risky even if tougher stds for tanks are adopted. The unexpected will undoubtedly happen in time. -Bill M., Albany

Not very concerned. An oil train disaster is as likely as Diogenes search for finding an honest politician in Albany - slim to none! -Larry P., Great Neck

Very concerned. I work within three city blocks of Lake Champlain and the rail road track - and can see the oil cars on the freight train going by from the office window every day. -Margaret S., Plattsburgh

Very concerned. While the most recent oil train derailment in Lynchburg, Virginia did not cause any human deaths the total environmental cost remains to be seen. Further, this incident and others like it raise the specter of the Lac-Mégantic, Quebec derailment that killed 47 people and destroyed the center of the Quebec town. Trains carrying the potentially more volatile oil coming out of North Dakota's Bakken shale formation and Canada's tar sands require more stringent safety standards and strong enforcement of such standards. In some ways, we got "lucky" with the most recent derailment. We won't always have such luck on our side. -Robert W., Broadalbin

Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

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