We don’t need ANY new fossil fuel development – we can meet all our energy needs by efficient design and a mix of abundant renewable sources plus reliable energy storage.  Wind and solar are now the fastest growing sources of electricity, and are already  cost competitive with conventional energy sources in many markets, even without factoring in the IMMENSE external costs of accelerating extreme weather disasters.

Energy storage is also now cost effective - Elon Musk is introducing affordable batteries for homes and commercial uses.  Clean energy systems could create millions of net jobs in the US. Prof Robert Pollin has shown that wind, solar, efficiency, and mass transit investments produce at least twice as many jobs as conventional fossil systems per million dollars invested. The study by Profs Mark Jacobson of Stanford, Robert Howarth of Cornell et al shows how NY State could thrive on 100% renewable energy, by 2030  while shutting down nuclear plants if we make the effort.

 Call Gov. Andrew Cuomo 518-474-8390 (#3 to get a live person, #2 to record

=> Reject the Global Heating permit and insist on a full environmental review
=> No Tar Sands crude in NY – letting it in would be a catastrophic precedent
=> It would destroy the good will he won by preventing NY from being fracked,
and inspire outrage nationally and internationally
=> Protect the Hudson: consider the cost and trouble of the PCB cleanup
=> Don’t impose more hazards on the hard-hit South End community
=> No more Fossil Fuel development, especially the dirtiest sources
=> Clean energy is ready – all new energy projects should be renewables, storage and efficiency.